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Business & Media Consulting

The Context Media team provide consulting services to leading Australian businesses and key media organisations on strategic projects.  Our consulting services include strategy development, operational reviews, rights management optimisation and business advisory services. Our team has a depth of industry experience ranging across Film, TV, Radio and Digital media platforms, marketing and distribution.

We work with clients to improve their performance and manage risks by combining our deep business and industry experience with real media and digital innovation insights.  Our experience across the creative industry and technology helps clients accelerate their  successful impact in a rapidly changing  media and digital landscape.

As media and consumers embrace digital, many companies, boards and executives are struggling to keep up. We understand the sudden change in the way people are using digital devices and content services to engage with media organisations.  Understanding these barriers to new ways of customer engagement opens the door to protect a business from disruptions from new competitors.

Digital disruption is a defining megatrend of our time and the media industry is at the centre of this storm. Disruption creates both opportunities and threats, and has the potential to impact media companies from top to bottom. We provide consulting expertise to create a clear strategy framework that puts digital at the heart of any business strategy particularly in media.

Our Consulting Services include;

  • Independent Business & Operations Review
  • M&A Consulting, Integration and Review
  • Business & Digital Strategy Review
  • Rights and Asset management
  • Media Work Flow and Digital Asset Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Team Skills Review
  • Independent Technology, Vendor & Platform Review


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